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December 13, 2010 / care4cards

2010-11 UD Black Diamond Hockey, sales analysis.

Much to my surprise, this year’s edition of Upper-Deck Black Diamond (Hockey) is selling really, really well on the secondary market (Ebay, for the most part).

Usually, set builders jump on this release and then some rookie collectors grab the quad diamond rookies and the rest of the products goes for really cheap. But not this year. The introduction of Panini in the picture raised the value of all UD products, give or take, and Black Diamond seems to be one of the big winners in this new flagship war in the Hockey World.

Case breakers, 2010-11 Black Diamond could be one of the best flip around as you will see below.

First, the prices:

Single Box Prices
Blowout Cards – 74.00$
DA Card World – 79.95$
Atlanta Sports Cards –  73.99$

Hobby Case Prices (12 Boxes)
Blowout Cards – 875.00$
DA Card World – 925.00$
Atlanta Sports Cards – 884.99$

Typical Box and Case break will look something like this:

Box Break (average)
– 3 Triple Diamond Rookie
– 1 Quad Diamond Rookie
– 1 Quad Diamond Veteran base card
– 1 Ice Premieres Rookie Card
– 2x Quad Jersey
– 1 Ruby or Gold Parrallel

Case Hits
– 4 or 5 Gemography Autos (rookies also)
– 2 or 3 Hardware Heroes
– 4 Team Canada Die-Cut

Here’s a quick sample of sales based on Ebay ended items. This is not the whole picture, believe me, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Tyler Seguin Rookies (various)

Ice Rookie /99 – 304.99$
Gold Rookie SP /10 – 280.00$
Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 120.00$
Regular Rookie – 107.50$
Regular Rookie – 100.00$
Regular Rookie – 95.00$
Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 86.00$

Taylor Hall Rookies (various)

Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 175.00Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 142.50$
Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 137.00$
Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 124.95$
Ruby Rookie SP /100 –  108.51$
Regular Rookie – 100.98$
Regular Rookie – 82.00$

Nazem Kadri Rookies (various)

Ice Rookie /99 – 175.00$
Ice Rookie /99 – 125.00$
Gold Rookie /10 – 102.22$

P.K. Subban Rookies (various)

Ruby Rookie SP /100 – 135.00$
Gemography Auto Rookie – 125.00$
Gemography Auto Rookie – 99.00$
Regular Rookie – 64.95$
Regular Rookie – 61.61$

Other Ice Rookies SP /99

Derek Stepan – 102.55$

Gemography Autos (various players)

Sidney Crosby – 212.50$
Sidney Crosby – 126.50$
Sidney Crosby – 110.49$
Bobby Orr – 180.00$
Bobby Orr – 141.51$
Steven Stamkos – 49.55$

Team Canada Die-Cut SP

Gordie Howe /10 – 125.00$
Sidney Crosby – 66.01$

Hardware Heroes Die-Cut SP

Sidney Crosby /100 – 102.50$
Sidney Crosby 2 Cards Lot /100 – 100.00$
Wayne Gretzky /100 – 75.00$
Wayne Gretzky /100 – 55.00$

Quad Jerseys

Wayne Gretzky SP /10 – 80.99$
Carey Price Auto SP /5 – 64.99$
Todd Bertuzzi Auto SP /5 – 52.03$
Sidney Crosby SP /10 – 48.87$

What’s interesting about these numbers is that most insert cards sell well. No gimmick, no patches, no sticker autos. Black Diamond cards put scarcity in the product and it reflects among collectors.

The dynamic duo of Hall and Seguin sells like hot cakes. Even the regular rookie cards (at least one per case for either player) will cover the price of a box for flippers.

Other rookies like Subban and Kadri generate tons of interest among prospectors, which is good money to be made if you do no care to collect these players.

Also, the rare hits like the Quad Jersey Autos will sell even if the player is not a star (see Bertuzzi). This type of value is very rare on non-star player and this is where Black Diamond surprises me. You can build set, keep some rookies for prospecting and have very nice looking card for a really decent price.

The combinaison of value, looks and rookie class makes this product a home run. For the collector or the flipper, this is a really good deal but my guess is that it will not last. As soon as SP Authentic hits the market, value will drop, especially on the Hall card. The UD Series 2 might dent the value a little bit as well.

My advice is : Buy and flip now and build a set. It is that nice (I love the Diamond gimmick)

A little buyer’s beware : If you live in the United States, be ready to ship a lot of these cards in Canada. Hockey is mostly a canadian hobby and this is where you will get best value for your cards. And as far as I know, shipping to Canada is not expansive at all.

Feel free to comment or point some details that I might have missed.


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