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December 19, 2010 / care4cards

The Big Magic Shake-Up

The NBA rumbled yesterday with the two desperate moves made by the Orlando Magic to get themselves out of their funk and back into contention. Here’s the two trades recap:

Gilbert Arenas
Jason Richardson
Hedo Turkoglu
Earl Clark

Vince Carter
Marcin Gortat
Mikael Pietrus
Picks & Money

Rashard Lewis

I will not evaluate the trades based on basketball  impact (makes no sense to me that Orlando takes on Arenas’ contract) but let’s see how this might affect the hobby. Speculations only.

Gilbert Arenas might get a favorable spotlight for the first time in years which could be good for his cards, especially the rookie ones. When Orlando makes the playoff, look for a jump in value but not a big one, Arenas’ name is still frisky at best among collectors.

Vince Carter might rejuvanete is career alongside Steve Nash who can make anyone around him at least 3 times better. Carter is a lazy trigger happy shooter who will enjoy Pheonix’s open up-tempo system a lot. But at his age, value will certainly not increase.

Marcin Gortat is the pick-up for any prospectors here. He will get decent playing time (and probably a starting spot until Lopez return) and he will be able to prove that he is not the shadow of Dwight Howard anymore. Gortat might not be an all-star but he can be a quality starting center in the NBA, here is a chance to shine.

Earl Clark is a a bust so far, stay away.

Rashard Lewis will probably vanish in DC, same as Josh Howard last year. It’s sad, his years with the Sonics were great to witness and he pretty much fell of a cliff when he sign his completely indecent contract. Stay away collecting wise.

The two trades will shake things up in the NBA but for now, the hobby will pretty much stay put until the playoffs. Be patient and, as a long shot, pile on some Gortat cards for pretty cheap while you can.


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