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December 21, 2010 / care4cards

I miss simple things

Growing up, this Eric Lindros card was one of the most sought after among my friends. I had one, I was the king of the world back then. I remember the local hobby shop owner always wanted to buy these off our packs break, he’ll trade a Lindros for 3 unopened packs. At 6, my age back then, it was a sweet deal. Lindros was the next Gretzky, the new hockey savior.

Collecting, back then, was simple. One great rookie driving an entire product line. Much like Strasburg did with Topps this year. Only difference, it wasen’t so damn expensive to keep up the pace and, especially, pile up the goods.

When I say I miss simple things, I mean not having to chase so many variations, autos, jerseys and refractors. I miss being happy about a simple pull. I miss having genuine fun opening a box because I knew I wouln’t have to open another one to catch what I wanted out of it.

Magic in a bottle, everytime.

When I say I miss simple things, I mean, worry free things.

Be merry, it’s the holidays. Enjoy your base cards, your junk wax and, more importantly, love these that you once love so much.

Eric, your back is as bad as it gets, but I love you. Childhood memories style.


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