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December 28, 2010 / care4cards

Hobby Resolutions, 2011

With the new year, obviously, comes the resolutions. Besides the usual (going to the gym, save some money, eat better) I’ve decided to take some resolutions to control and, ultimately, expand my hobby into something more like a part time job / self sufficient past time.

These resolutions will affect the content of this blog because I wish for it to become a kind of a diary in my venture as an aspiring ‘supercollector / dealer’.

Here we go…

1) Stick to my ‘Hobby Budget’ and expand as much as possible.

I’ve been buying without any budget for years now. Sadly enough, I can’t do that anymore with the family expanding and my little baby girl needing much of my money and attention. I will apply some poker logics to my hobby and build an Hobby Bankroll that will be accounted aside my household budget. So the plan for 2011 is to stick to my budget that will go as follows.

  • Use my money already in CheckOutMyCards, PayPal and Ebay to buy some card lots and PC items with the plan to always flip for at least 50% of what I’m buying right away (more is better).
  • Put 20$ per week on my PayPal to increase my ‘Hobby Bankroll’ a little more everymore.
  • Evantually host Group Breaks to pile some PC cards.
  • Repeat step no.1 and hope for a significant growth within 3 months.

These are fairly easy guidelines but too often, we forget about the ‘buying within budget’ part and realise that we overspent most of the times on cards we don’t really want. Buy less, expand efficiancy is my new motto.

Less Prospecting

I’ve been doing a lot of prospecting these past years and missed out on a lot of these. When you are on a limited budget, thetse can be a major step back in your hobby. So I will cut my prospecting activities to a bare minimum (less than 5 players) and avoid long shots like a did in years past (I though Corey Brewer was a sleeper steal in the 07 draft, well, I was wrong).

So for now on, my prospecting will be around proven prospects instead of projected projects. Evantually, I will take more risks but now, I don’t have the room in my budget to do such things.

Save up to buy Cases instead of Boxes

I’m a box buster, always been, always will be. But buying boxes one at a time is not really cost efficient. So I hope that my budget will increase significantly enough so that I can buy cases. flip the hits and keep some PC and base sets for myself. This is a long shot but I hope that by the summertime I will be able to do that at least once a month.

Avoid ‘Jersey Heavy Sets’

I don’t like Jersey cards. The obvious thing to do then is to avoid jersey heavy products. Unfortunately, most of Panini’s products are jersey heavy so I must look the other way.

It’s sad, really, because it reduces my buying options but someone has to start somewhere to stop this jersey madness.

Keep things in order

I moved out 3 times in the last 4 years so my collection is an absolute mess. I have to sort these out and I’ve started already (sent 300+ cards to COMC before christmas) and I have to do some more sorting. This will create some space in my storage room and, maybe, bring in some more money to buy new cards. Everybody wins.

As you can see, all of these resolutions are fairly easy to maintain. All I need is a plan and some discipline.

You should do the same, have some goals and increase the hobby pleasure. Let’s have fun in 2011, that’s all that matters really.




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