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January 8, 2011 / care4cards

Donruss 2011 BK – The early sales

Donruss BK 2011 is live and the early sales are in and, frankly, you can call me surprised. I thought this was going to be a flop but nostalgia bares a great deal of leverage in the hobby. That is a good thing, I’m actually glad.

Blowout – Back Order
DA’s Card World – 65.95$
Atlanta Sports Cards – 66.99$

Blowout – 699.00$
DA’s Card World – 680.00$
Atlanta Sports Cards – n/a


The prices are really good and if it wasen’t the after christmas fallout here, I would have tried it.

But anyway, here’s a sample of the best early sales.


Allen Iverson Auto /10 – 148.63$
John Wall RC Auto /299 – 111.48$
Complete base set with rookies – 52.08$
Chris Bosh Auto /25 – 45.58$
Complete base set with rookies
Complete base set with rookies
Complete base set with rookies
John Wall RC Press Proof /100 – 34.67$
John Wall RC Press Proof /100 – 27.74$
John Stockton Jersey – 24.76$
Dwyane Wade Jersey /399 -19.61$
Dwyane Wade Jersey /399 – 19.61$
Dwyane Wade Jersey /399 – 19.61$


  • A sticker auto of AI fetched the price of 2 and a half boxes. WOW! I’ve seen a Rodman like this pulled also, this should get even more money. That’s a great non rookie hits, a breath of fresh air in the usually rookie driven Panini Product.
  • Same goes for a John Stockton swatch that selled for a really good and that’s not a case hit. I’ve seen a Chris Anderson patch for 20$ also. This is great value for regular swatches.
  • The Heat is on fire. Chris Bosh auto and a handful of D-Wade Jerseys that goes way over value. I’ve also seen a team card SP /100 go for roughly 20$. Suprising value.
  • John Wal is obviously the king of rookies. Maybe Cousins will get some love too, or Favors by season’s end.
  • The base set is a MUST for a case breaker and these sell really, really well. You can except at least 1 per case, maybe two and these go for the prices of a box. Incredible ROI.
  • I don’t love the design but the more I see it, the more I like it. Especially the Jersey Kings.

I’d say, right now, this is  a BUY QUICK just for the value of the base sets and the unpulled goodies lefts (Bird auto, for exemple).

Share your breaks, I’m curious to see.


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