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January 20, 2011 / care4cards

Playoff Football means Fluctuations

One step closer to the Superbowl. Football collectors, you know what that means right ? Crazy value for all the David Tyree of this world and a little drop on deceiving stars. I love this time of year. Anyway, a quick (quick) overview of the BUYS and SELLS for the next two weeks.


Aaron Rodgers : No need to stock pile for the future, Rodgers is as hot as he possibly can and pretty much everything of his, even the swatch cards, will sell. I wish I had some left to  enjoy the craze but hey, can’thave everything I guess.

James Starks : Ryan Grant will be back next year and we don’t know for sure if Starks is for real. Might as well cash in on his great performance in the wild card round. The guy might be really good but hey, we’ve seen the other way around way too often.

Jay Cutler : It’s always hot and cold with Jay and now, it’s real hot.

Matt Forte : First a blue chip prospect, then a sophomore slump, then a pretty good running back on an improving offense. Forte is a yo-yo hobbywise and right now, I think he’s swirling up and about to drop. Be quick on the trigger.


Matt Ryan : So ‘ Matty Ice ‘ is just Matt now and the price point might reach it’s lowest since his rookie year. Jump on it, he’s far from being a bust even though the playoffs weren’t kind to him.

Philip Rivers : The Chargers are not going away anytime soon and so is Philip Rivers. If you can, try to pile some for when he lights up the stat sheet next year.

Calvin Jonhson : The Lions are this close, really, of a breakthrough and CJ is a BEAST ! (all capitals). He’s already pricy but within months you will see a huge improvement on him. HUGE !

Kevin Kolb : Same status as last year … Waiting for a starting job. Maybe the Niners, maybe the Dolphins, maybe the Vikings… either way, his value will rise significantly when he lands somewhere.


Mark Sanchez : Too hot to buy but not hot enough too sell at profit. The Sanchise is a hold steady and will probably be until he cools off or win the Super Bowl. Wait a bit.

Sam Bradford : The ROY is coming very shortly for him. Wait a bit and then… BOOM !

Ryan Matthews : Not a bust but not a success story either. Be patient with the kid, it might pay off.



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