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February 26, 2011 / care4cards

The NBA Aftermath

First of all, I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. The baby girl takes a lot of my free time away so the blog, still young, is suffering.


Have you seen the NBA crazyness around the trade deadline? Melo is a Knicks, D-Will plays for the Mad Russian and the Celtics shocked the Celtic nation by shipping away Big Perk in OKC.

Hobby wise, what’s the status? Here’s my take for some cases.

Carmelo Anthony – I think it’s time to pile some Rookie cards of his and wait for the playoff run. When the Knicks reach the playoffs, collectors in the NY area will go nuts over Melo and the sells will follow for sure. If you see a good trade for Melo, jump on it.

Deron Williams – Wait till the summer and scoop some cards on the cheap. Deron is an all-star player on a rebuilding team right now but it won’t last.

Gerald Wallace – Excellent pick-up for the Blazers. Wait a couple of game and test the market to see if Blazers collectors will try to reach for some of his cards. Crash has always been a cheap buy but it might change slightly with the Blazers’ fan base.

Danilo Galinari – For those who wee prospecting the big italian fellow, I am sorry for you. He is now lost in a no man’s land.

Jeff Green – I always felt like Green was to be a good contributor in the NBA and I think the Celtics fans will love the Gorgetown alumni. In a couple of years, Green will be a good starter for the C’s and alongside Rajon Rondo it could be an interesting journey. I’d hang on Green for now and wait a year or two, see what’s next. Be patient with the guy, he will be around for a long time.

OJ Mayo – Talk about a guy stuck in a doghouse. Buy on the cheap…

Baron Davis – RIP Baron’s motivation to show up and stay in shape. I love the guy, really, but this is over hobby wise for him. Send your flowers to his family in L.A.

Other than that, NOLA made a sneaky good deal by picking up Carl Landry but the hobby won’t really notice.

What did you think about all these moves? Satisfied…?



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