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March 5, 2011 / care4cards

Big Crumbs, my new best friend

Today, I finally discovered a way for me to earn some cash back while purchasing on Ebay here in Canada (Ebay bucks is not allowed in Canada, never understood that)

Anyway, allows me to subscribe for free and get some cash back.


All you have to do is buy through their referral link and the next month you will get a charge back on your PayPal account. That easy.

For Ebay, you get 36% of the Seller’s sees. For exemple: If you buy a card for 50$ using By it Now, the sellers will have a 9% fees + insertions, so roughly 5$. You get 36% of that… so a little more than 1,50%. That’s a 3% cashback without anything to do. In my mind, that’s Free Money that I can spend on more cards and get, you get it, more free money.

It’s a win / win. They get their referal money, I get mine + cards and everybody wins.

You should try it out. And please, use the link below, I’ll get a little incentive for referrals which is always nice.

And spread the word. We are entitled to get as much money back as possible and this is a cool way to do it.

If you are already a user, please share your experience here, I’m curious.



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  1. Josh / Mar 5 2011 21:30

    Haha this is the guy on SCF that mentioned Big Crumbs. Smart move posting this on your blog! I wish I got some referral boost for all the people you recruit. Isn’t that how a ponzi scheme works? (Although maybe it does? I am confused by this whole Crumb Booster thing)

    I’ve racked up $27.17 in the past month, and I am not a huge spender. Combine that with eBay bucks and I am definitely satisfied.

  2. ballescourbes / Mar 5 2011 21:50

    That woud be awesome if you kept a share of every referers from your referers.

    Pyramid our way to fortune 🙂

    But hey, we’ll take what we have …hope it stays good.


  1. Big Crumbs - Blowout Cards Forums

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