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March 7, 2011 / care4cards

Is the Hobby dying?

With the release of National Treasures Football we pretty much have the complete view of the 2010-11 season hobby wise. Now I’m wondering, is the hobby slowly dying?

Upper-Deck is pretty much out of the picture. Topps is doing the same old thing and we are left with Panini who is overproducing at an alarming rate that reminds me of the not so glorious 90’s and the millions and millions of cards produced.

So, what now?

The Sticker Autos are the way to go now, piled up by the hundreds in the manufacturers warehouses. Product after product, the same autos are used and the card never felt less human than they are now. Manufactured patches have replaced the game-used one and some players don’t even bother to sign anymore, probably bored out.

So we are left with rookies heavy products, most of them won’t even be playing in a couple of years, and the established stars are a second thought on the sell sheet.

The collector in me is worried, really worried. Business wise, it’s always good to have a product that sells fast and high but for the memorabilia aspect of the hobby, there is nothing there. None of these cards feels like they are a piece of history or something worth keeping down the road.

Sad isen’t it?

I’m almost scare to see what the hobby will look like 5 years from now. We will all be older and I don’t see any kids giving a crap about sticker autos so they’re out of the picture.

10 years down the road, who will be left standing?

It’s the begining of the week and Montreal is completely covered with snow and this worries me more than shoveling my car. Way more…

What d’you think?


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