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April 5, 2011 / care4cards

April means baseball, even in the snow…

Living in Montreal, it’s truly hard for me to fully embrace the Spring Frenzy surrounding baseball. For one, I’ve lost my Expos almost ten years ago and we are also still shoveling snow in the morning. So Baseball, with these two conditions, does not come easy.

Lucky me, prospecting and collecting is a great way to get on board really quick on the season and this year is not different. Not even a week-in and my head is spinning with stats and whatnots.

My project this spring is Carlos Santana. I have three Topps Chrome Rookie Auto that I’m sending in for grading and I’m trying to get my hand on more. Why? Because Santana will put great fantasy numbers on a poor Cleveland team and somehow, the hobby will catch up with him. Last year was only a little perk of Santana’s potential.

Plus, Catcher’s cards are great, like goalie in hockey.

Consider this my first of many, many, many prospecting post on baseball this year. Case in point, I’m expecting two boxes of 2010 Bowman Chrome from Blowout.

Let’s hope for some colors…and Carlos…and Joy!


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