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April 14, 2011 / care4cards

Alex vs Panini

One of my favorite case breaker on the web is Alex Lazarevich and it saddens me to see how bad he did with a recent Panini product. Actually, it angers me because I belive Alex is a strong member of the cardboard community and such a blow is a real shame from a compagny that is more and more about the money and less and less about the quality of their releases. It’s a know fact that Panini puts little to no effort in their design and they water down the hits as much as possible but this, even for them, is a new low.

Here’s the sad story of Alex :

You can read his version HERE where he details his awful break of 2010-11 Classics (NBA). In short, Alex got 6 cases and was hoping to do his passionate thing. Break it down, build some sets, unload on ebay and maybe make a profit (or come as close to even as possible to make it fun and worthwile). When you read the results, you see how bad he took it.

On a roughly 1300$ case, he got shorten multiple hits, multiple inserts and if we eyeball the value of all of his hits, it’s hard to imagine 300$ in sale. That’s a 1000$ right on the kisser without any of the promised Case Hits to show for it (and we tought that a Tyreke Evans non-RC Auto was an insult to call a case hits but putting nothing at all is beyond insulting)

Now Alex thinks about shipping his case back to his distributor and eat a straight up loss that will be, eventually, less than it’s potential loss if he breaks it all.

It’s a shame.

I’m not saying that Panini is entitled too help the case breakers make some money but they should at least respect their sell sheet and not think that we are idiots trapped in caves that don’t share their results.

Panini is active among the community but they fail to notice all the warnings that serious breakers are giving them. If the ‘4 hits per box ‘ formula is not improved, they will stop buying altogether.

Retailers, evantually, will do the same when they see all of their 120$ boxes sit on their shelves forever.

What is there to do ? Boycott Panini ? Call their bullshit out ?

This blow to Alex should be a wake-up call to all of us. Panini is taking it’s exclusive license and they are sailing straight into oblivion with our beloved NBA license. Without any competitors, all they do is crap releasing ad vitam eternam and this is unacceptable.

Give Alex some love if you can, the guy is a trooper and I’ve seen his breaks and man, he has put a ton of work into this hobby just to get crapped on like a homeless bum.

Panini, you are dead to me…


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