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April 17, 2011 / care4cards

NBA Playoffs are on and it’s crazy

Have you watched the Bulls vs Pacers game 1 saturday afternoon? What a way to kick off the Playoff with one of the great single player performance by Derrick Rose who is on a mission to validate is MVP candidacy right now. What a night.

After this crazy game, I was curious, how would Ebay react to Rose great great game. Let’s some ended auction from yesterday.

Derrick Rose Ended Auctions (Sunday morning and Saturday night)

These price are crazy. The RPA, BGS 9 went for 800$ and I’m pretty sure it will grow some more giving the MVP and a late playoff push.

Some other players may see that kind of a push. If the Thunder advance, watch Russell Westbrook’s one (and Durant but he already skyrocketted). Manu Ginobilli might attract some people as well.

God I love the Playoffs. Enjoy it while it last because after that, it’s Lockout Limbo and this promises to be a major bummer.


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