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April 17, 2011 / care4cards

Pinnacle Hockey is Revealed…

Click here to see the Official Panini Unwrapped Video for Panini’s Pinnacle Hockey 2010-11

Well, where to start? Panini is bringing back the dead and buried Pinnacle franchise for all the hockey collectors and, at first, it was a good news. Pinnacle was a great set and some of my favorites 90’s card are from the early Pinnacle releases. Truth to be told, I was actually excited for a Panini Product and this was all because of the Pinnacle name.

But now, I’m pretty much hanged up to dry with my excitement and expectations. After watching the video, I’m completely jaded with Panini.

First, it’s not because the two sells rep are over hyping every card that it means that it is an appealing product for the collector. Spending 9 long minutes repeating over and over again how cool the photos are on the card is a sure way to make me wanna throw said cards away. But that being said, I could have enjoyed the break if the cards were actually delivering.

But they are not, believe you me.

As always, the good old ‘Simple Swatch as Hits’ is used for this release and they are a treat. Over designed inserts with a swatch floating randomly next to a tiny player lost in a sea of backgrounds, squares and lines. Not all of the inserts are awful looking (I really like the Tough Guy thing) but most of them are just a little bit more like every other one and when you bust 10 in a box, you get tired pretty quick. Same goes for the swatches (and they share the inserts design) and the sticker autos who look nothing like a durable collectible option. Just another forgettable hit.

But it’s not all bad. The base set actually looks interesting and it must look good in a 9 pages binder. Yes, the photos look good even tough I am annoyed by the fact that they insisted on telling me at least 3 times per pack. Also, the Canvas Pairing subset looks like a nice thing to gather and if they really are only one a box, it might be an interesting chase.

Other than that, you can just throw Pinnacle on the big pile of ‘more of the same‘ from Panini’s first year of hockey. They are trying alright but nothing is really memorable as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe next year Panini… maybe next year.

Look for these Tough Guys on card auto on Ebay but other than that, it’s a pass for me.



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  1. Topps Archives / Apr 18 2011 15:39

    I’ve grown bored with single swatches anyways, I mean they’re just swatches. I don’t even consider GU (unless it’s tribute or something) when buying a box, especially when that box is from Panini.

    All I’m looking for is nice looking cards and a decent autographed checklist. Panini has a lot of trouble with the former, and occasionally screws up the latter.

    I’d have a hard time paying mid-range prices for a pack of this. If it falls somewhere around their Donruss Hockey, I’d definitely be interested. Otherwise, it’ll be about buying a couple insert sets from eBay.

  2. care4cards / Apr 19 2011 01:41

    I think it’s going to be close to the Certified price break.

    Which is BAD…

    They should remove the jersey altogether and drop the price, seriously.

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