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April 21, 2011 / care4cards


You may have noticed already but I was toying with the design this week and I think this looks work for me. Classic, not too tacky and I love the ‘grey on white’ pattern.

Now all I have to do is some content (Yes, that’s the hard part).

Also, upper right corner, you can see a link for my Ebay Store. I’m nowhere near a brick and mortar shop but it’s a start. It’s a small fee to keep an inventory online and it makes it easier to manage sales and whatnot. Especially with the group breaks, pack sales and everything, I need to be able to manage everything all at once. So Ebay, I’m paying you to make me save some time…Make me happy!

I have a bunch of subjects to tackle including more Group Break, Panini’s new B-Ball Previews and some cards to scan as well. Busy bee is my name this week and the daughter is trying to kill herself with the stairs and electric outlets every minutes or so, makes it harder to write here when I have to make sure she doesn’t crawl into some more problems. For those who are wondering, being a daddy is awesome but it’s not a time saver, let me tell you this.

In the meantime, I’ll tweak the design some more. If you have suggestions, shoot them my way I’m no expert but I can do okay I guess.


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