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April 27, 2011 / care4cards

Ramblings and toughts about selling online…part 1

I’m still no major leaguer when it comes to selling sports cards online but over the last couple of years, I notice a trend that is not likely to vanish anytime soon. There are two types of sellers in this hobby : The too sketchy and the too honest !

The sketchy one usually is always seeking for the best deal possible when buying and hides it’s true cost when reselling to maximize profit. The sketchy one usually drives in more profit but entertain a less frequent buying base and needs to rely heavily on trend to keep the business afloat. So basically, the sketchy one buys low before a product gets hot and then takes a huge profit margin when the craziness is on and then takes his money and leave. Little to no inventory required.

The too honest, on the other hand, is more like a grinder playing poker. He’ll expose his game, even teach the ropes to some people and makes his living with smart statistical revenues. The too honest usually needs to work twice as hard as the Sketchy one too make the same kind of money but in the long run he can build a strong base through contacts and returning customers.

Those are cliff notes, obviously, and reminders of what you don’t want to do. You can envy the money making of the sketchy one but you don’t want to be one. You can also envy de fan base of the too honest one but you know that you are not really passionate enough to succeed as much as him.

So like me, you are stuck in between. Trying to catch a wave but using the same tools as everyone else. The trick ? Patience I guess, or just plain luck.

There’s a ‘klondike like’ feel with sports cards that you don’t really get with other business. You always feel like you are One Big Break away from profit when in reality you are sinking yourself into debts and inventory costs. A passion driven business is always harder to maintain because, essentially, you don’t mind pilling on the products when in reality you should unload as quick as possible to keep afloat.

I’m torned between my business knowledge and my hobby and all the spreadsheet in the world won’t save me from myself in my quest for ‘The Big Break’.

But what can you do, I love this hobby. I love the sound of new wax and I love the thrills of sealed boxes and cases. I’m a poker player, part time gambler, a father and somewhere in the middle a collector since forever. I’m just trying to generate some money for all of these aspects of my life. Since selling drugs is not an option, I have to use the legal ones (sports cards) and make them spin as fast as possible.

What do you guys think ? Hobby or business ? Sketchy or Honest ? Klondike or Delusion ?

These topics are endless, I know, but it’s good to take sometimes to think and wonder. Just think and wonder, it’s free and it feels good when done right. Am I doing this right ? I don’t know but I’m hittinh the scanner tonight for more Ebay Listings, that’s for sure. Good old scanner, what would I do without you… ?


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