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April 28, 2011 / care4cards

NFL Draft Tonight!

It’s weird to talk about the Draft when we don’t know for sure when and how the next season is going to be played but still, this might be the ‘purer’ draft we ever had.

With no trade allowed for current players (unless they deal a loophole), the 32 Teams will have to draft the players with no certitude about who is going to be available via Free Agency or trade. In short, draft will be made based on needs and potential without the ‘players for picks’ aspect.

I think it’s a great thing for the Draft and the NFLPA but, entertainment wise, the first round will be pretty straight up Picks and Analysis.

That being said, who’s going to be the #1? Carolina apparently narrowed it down to 4 players (Newton, Dareus, Miller, Green) and they pretty much need every position on the board so their direction will dictate the rest of the way.

After that, it’s all up in the air. I wish the Saints will make some noise but I doubt it, altough I would love Mark Ingram behind Brees so that we can trade away Pierre Thomas.

What about your team? Are you watching it live tonight?

I’m having a live chat (in french) for a website here in Montreal so I will watch and update if necessary. Hobby wise, some sleepers will emerge on Ebay as soon as their names are called so keep an eye for them. If you need some pointers for said sleepers, check out the Topps Archives Blog they’re doing a great job digging some up.

So stay tuned tonight and wait for the BANG around Cam Newton. Where ever he lands, the craze will be very, very real.


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