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April 29, 2011 / care4cards

Panini fails to impress…

It’s nothing new, I know, but it’s still sad…

Panini revealed in real time fashion the final looks of all the first round draft picks as they will be pictured in the upcoming Prestige 2011. In short, Panini had all the designs ready and all they had to do was cut/paste the team logo, pick number and team name on the cards. That’s it, that’s all and that’s a wrap folks.

How disapointing…

At least take a couple of days to integrate team colors into the cards or something. Now it’s just blend and we have a proof that it was made within minutes. Way to push the envelope Panini, really makes me wanna spend a buck here.

What do you think? This live unveiling, good idea? bad idea? Anyway all the others are the same?

Not that I am jaded but sometimes I’d like to see the hobby the same way I did when I was a kid. The illusion is long gone and Panini, by cutting corners like this, is only making things worst.

It’s not an hobby anymore, it’s a business and good business means efficiency. So congrats on that Panini, you are efficient. Let’s call you the Ikea of sporting cards and never hope again for something different to come.

Never again is a strong statement but hey, all hope is gone. It’s been airbrushed and pasted via photoshop into a sea of confusing lines and designs.

Hope you enjoyed the draft…

You can see the damage on Panini’s Blog for all the cards



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  1. Flurgin Chompkinslave / Apr 29 2011 04:49

    Panini sucks ass. nothing more than redemptions and sloppy customer service.


  1. Panini reveals 1st rookie card - Blowout Cards Forums

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