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April 30, 2011 / care4cards

Gypsy Queens – Early Results

We’ve seen the prices on wax jump drastically for the first settlement of Topps Gypsy Queen but how did the secondary market (Ebay) reacted to it? My early guess was that the ones who jumped in early on presales would have some great profits at the end, let’s sample some of the first sales. Of course, numbers are always skewed on the first week because of the demand but still, some of these are surprising.

Those are just some small samples but based on the whole pictures, here are some early conclusions.
  1. The Mini Stamps numbered to /10 are very, very popular. Star player like Lincecum are getting good action on it and they reach anywhere between 30$ and 40$. This is really good for a non-auto, non rookie subset.
  2. The Jewel Relic are not as advertised. Not numbered, people are not getting excited by it and for a case hit, prices are very low (40$ and down)
  3. On Ebay, the hobby boxes prices are not following those of popular online seller. Apparently, the early breaks of Gypsy Queen are shorted hits and boxes buyers are aware of that and, therefore, are staying away from the sealed wax.
  4. Who the hell signs the Gypsy autos? Like this auction , who is Oriana and who is signing for it? It’s not numbered, we don’t know who that is but someone paid for it. That’s very odd to me.
  5. The Printing Plate are flooding ebay and value is dropping. 30$ for a 1/1, this is not a good catch.
Right now, I’d stay away from wax but there are some really cool cards to grab at a fair price. But my guess is that most of the minis will drop withing a month, leaving the on-card autos as the great catch for this first release. Not a bad effort but Topps must do some adjusting for next year, that’s for sure.

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