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May 15, 2011 / care4cards

Bowman 2011 Retail…or how Topps pulled a fast one!

It’s live and the crazy was in full motion this week-end over the release of the Retail version of Bowman 2011, featuring the young phenom Bryce Harper. Much like Strasburg last year, Harper is taking the collector’s world to another level and these retail boxes are selling by the cases and a ‘sold-out’ warning should come anytime soon. And Hobby is not even live.

Topps put some major expectations with these Retail by announcing that Michael Pineda’s auto cards were exclusive to retail and they were released before the Hobby one. Everybody knows that being the first to pull an expected card will get you some major dough for your trouble. But here’s the catch, Topps pulled a fast one named redemptions and collector’s are not happy.

Bryce Harper is not live into Retail but a redemption, so you can only pulled colored refractors and redemption autos.

BANG, right on the kisser.

ALl the love for the Hobby version is back because Harper is suppose to be live in this one.

My friend, this is why you don’t ever ever buy retail, especially in advance.

Never ever…

Hobby is live next week, wait & see!


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