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May 18, 2011 / care4cards

Panini goes at it again, Contender style

This is a reaction to Panini’s video release for their newly released Contender Hockey set

This release from Panini promises to be good but, yet again, lets us haning to dry, but it’s still their best hockey product of the year, just saying.

ON CARD AUTOs are the clear hits here and the design look good. It’s clean (kinda, for Panini) and the auto box is all the way down and does not look like it’s floating in a sea of line. I like it.

The Inserts are, as always, too many but not that annoying. I love the Outdoor classics stuff and the draft pairing. But for everything, this needs to be trimmed down, A LOT.

The ‘Against the glass‘ acetate insert is absolutely Awful looking and probably sensitive to damage. As always, the Panini guys are over selling it but a close up just reveals that this is far from a good looking card. Weird shape, crowded design and pointless acetate.

On the plus side, 4 autos per box is a great way to pass a product to people and we can overlook the inserts if the autos are decent. So, good job Panini for a step in the good direction. But again, get rid of the 4 hits a box formula, it waters down the value for pretty much everyone, shop owner included, but that’s just my opinion.

Other than that, looking forward to see these on Ebay, see if I’m not the only one liking the design of the Autos and the ‘On Card Aspect’ of them.


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