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June 2, 2011 / care4cards

The Best Group Break I could have hoped for

The day I pulled a lifetime changing card and had to let go of…
by Stephane Morneau aka TheWaxBuster

On June 1st 2011, I busted a Hobby Case of 12 boxes from the 2011 Bowman’s release in baseball. This break was cursed from the get go but in the aftermath, it’ll be remembered as the best break I will ever have and still have no cards to show for it, just the memories.

Let me tell you more about it.

In late April, I decided to take a leap of fate in my active participation within the hobby community : I wanted to be the host of a group break. I chose the forum to do so. At that moment, Bowman 2011 presales were strong and I thought it would be the perfect product for me to try and be a regular for these group breaks. After some maths and hesitations I pulled the trigger and requested to be the host for 1 hobby case, see what’s what. This first case filled within the same day it was approved, I was thrilled and surprised it went so well. So, in a impulse really, I upped the ante and requested to host another case, same product, same pricing and the second one filled just as quick.

Here I was, a week into my venture as a group break host and I was responsible for approximately 30 collectors and close to 2000$ in cards. I’m mostly a single card seller so this was a huge leap for me and, in a way, brought in some stress. What if the cases get lost ? What if I miscalculated and end up paying from my pocket ? What ifs where all across the room but still, I had to do it. Product was expected in Mid-May and it was too late to back down, cases were paid, orders were confirmed and people were awaiting. I had to step up or shut up.

Then comes release day and Ebay goes wild. The cards are everywhere and Bryce Harper commands serious dough in all forms and shapes. Hopes are high for the cases and I know this would be at least entertaining even if not profitable. But I was in for a major surprise : The Canadian Customs delivered my cases with a serious custom bill attached to it. You know something is wrong when the mailman is asking 275$ to drop a box to your place. This was unexpected and very unpleasant to say the least.

After discussing the issues with all the breakers involved, they all chipped in to pay for the fee and after a lot of back and forth messages, the cases were picked-up at the PO and I was ready for the break. (By the way, BIG UPS to all the Blowout Members. With all the delays and extra fees, they showed up and make this break a great experience)

So, several weeks after I decided to be an host for the first time, the moment was there. I busted my first case on May 29th and it was uneventful. The case was okay, a lot of autos were pulled but nothing major. Just a smooth going break and everybody seemed pleased with it, for the most part. If karma had a say with this, he was leaving me hanging for the second case. So then comes June 1st, the moment for my second break. At the peak, 30 collectors were watching me bust some great cards like Brandon Belt Auto, Desmond Jennings RC Auto and Paul Goldschmidt Auto. These 3 cards are all really good pull in this year Bowman and 11 box into the break, it was an above average case and a great night of busting. Then came the best box of my life.

12th box of the case, 2 hours of busting and sorting cards in front of Blowout members. I was a little tired and had a sore throat from all the talking but still, had some hopes to finish this with a bang … and a bang it was. Halfway through the box, I open a pack and notice a Blue Chrome refractor in the bottom, so I knew I had a hit and was going slowly to pull it off safely. But, right before the blue, something red catches my eyes. It took me about 2 or 3 seconds to react and then I noticed the auto and an upside-down picture of a familiar prospect card. It was true, right in front of me and I had 30 witnesses who were also intrigued when I mentioned that something good was pulled. When I turned the card the right way, all was confirmed. I’ve just pulled a Bryce Harper Red Parallel Auto numbered 2 out of 5. Probably the best card in the whole product. The auto features Bryce’s number and a biblical mention from Luke. From that point on, I paused and just put the card in front of the camera. This was simply to good to be true. I was holding a card who could, if sell properly, pay for a small car, or clear my student loan, or start my daughter’s school tuition for later on. This piece of cardboard is a life changing pull but then I remembered that it was not my card. My joy was quickly replaced by envy, but not the bad kind of envy. I was (and still am) truly happy for the collector who took part of my break and got the best card he could have hoped for. This is why we all take the gamble on these break, to maybe one day get lucky.

So, under that light, I can’t wait to ship him his card and hear about his story of what he does with it. If he can finance a project of his, or his own kid’s future, than my job is done and all is well between me and karma. Now, I kind of wish that someday this will come back to me in a way. Being the ignition for somebody else’s life changing moment is a fulfilling experience in a way, even tough my wallet is still crying for some love.

I thought I was done with group breaks after the custom fees but now, with the best card I’ve ever held in my hands, I can’t wait to do another one and maybe change once again somebody else’s hobby experience.

One day who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky collector who benefits from my hot hand so don’t hesitate, join my breaks.

And let me conclude with a picture of this beautiful card.



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  1. Card Collectors / Jun 2 2011 18:15

    I should have just looked at you post list below. LOL

    Great pull, great story!

  2. care4cards / Jun 2 2011 23:17

    Man, the story is just half of everything, it’s a crazy feeling let me tell you this.


  1. Bowman 2011 Harper Red Auto pulled on Blowout, the story. - Blowout Cards Forums

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