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June 21, 2011 / care4cards

My hobby is waiting for you Canada!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I really am, but I have a pretty good reason : My closet full of cards has been closed for more or less two weeks now. One of the main reason being that I can’t sell anything because I can’t ship anything thanks to the Canadian Postal Services and their lock-out.

This bums me out and I don’t even feel like going through my cards even tough I have tons of sorting to do, some scans to put online and some stories to write. I know I should use this time to do all these things but, when you remove the buying and selling part of the hobby, it gets really old, really fast.

So that is that, a Canadian collector in the internet era trapped without any delivery to his house. I feel like the movie The Net but ten times worse. There is no way I can use UPS for singles so I thought about busting some boxes but then again, I can’t flip the extra cards and with the summer and the family vacations, my money is promised elsewhere.

In short, I am screwed by my own country for the subtraction of our postal service. This affects my mood and, in the ends, this affects my hobby. My beloved hobby.

On the bright side, in the NBA Draft this week, that’ll cheer me up (hopefully)

And seing what Panini has released so far for the Football season, I am not missing anything worth my time. Boy, these look awful. Ask Gelman about it…


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