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June 22, 2011 / care4cards

No Mas! Me and trading online…

Back in 2007, I was starting my life as an on and off contributor on various sports card forums (SCF first and then Blowout after) and trading was a very appealing way to gather a great collection at a good enough pace to justify all the back and forth with users. Or so I thought until I decided to avoid online trading altogether and here’s why:

1) The Bargaining

Bargainers are annoying in every situation. You always feel like they are trying to pull the blanket on their side and they don’t care if you’re cold or not. In life and in the hobby, I try to avoid these bargainers because I have a bad temper and little to no patience for this kind of back and forth for pennies on the dollars. Trading online is the bread and butter for the bargainers who thinks they can turn a card into gold just because you want it more than they do and this leaves a sour taste in my mouth, like car dealers and flea market grinders.

2) Value

Value is a subjective notion. You can use the book value or the ebay value or a mix of the two but one thing is certain, your value is not the same as the other one you are trying to deal with and getting an agreement on this is virtually impossible. And the thing I hate the most is the projected value on prospects, this is the absolute worst thing to deal with as you can say what ever you want in these case since it’s all speculative. Value is a moving thing but when it comes to trading, it’s pretty much a guaranteed downer, no fluctuations here.

3) Old vs New

This hobby is riding hard on the new releases and the demand, usually, is higher for newer products. When it comes to trading, you have to deal with trying to obtain older cards but pay a premium new price on them because the owner overvalue them or, worst, value them on the same bases then the newer releases who are a hotter commodity. In short, turning over new cards for a profit is quite easy versus the older cards and it’s really annoying when you are targetting a 2007 card (for example) and the trader is only asking for your hot new cards that you just pulled. Old vs New shouldn’t be an issue but trust me, it is.

Those are the 3 main reasons but there are several others as to why I’d rather buy a card straight up instead of trying to get it with a trade.

How about you guys, where do you stand on the whole trading online thing ? Fair or foul ?


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