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June 22, 2011 / care4cards

Vintage Pack Break – 82/83 OPC Hockey

I was bored, way bored, and without any postal service I needed some wax so I thought, why not go vintage? I found a guy in Montreal on Ebay who was selling vintage hockey wax and I grabbed 1 pack of 82/83 OPC Hockey. Not the most famous set but it’s always cool to bust 25+ years old pack with the original piece of gum in it.

All in all I had an average pack but here are the goods, sort of…

  • #88 Reed Larson
  • #92 John Ogrodnick
  • #124 Chris Kostopoulos
  • #141 Don Lever
  • #157 Dave Lewis
  • #171 Al Macadam
  • #183 Rick Green
  • #207 Mike McEwen
  • #246 Bill Barber
  • #285 Dale Hunter
  • #320 Bill Derlago

As you will see in the scans, most of these cards are way off-centered (a normal thing with vintage OPC) and the corners are not all sharp. But it’s a common thing with the 80’s hockey wax and it was, still, a fun break.

I’ll probably grab some more if I can’t get my fix of NEW things not Panini related.


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