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About The Wax Buster ?

At first sight, this sure looks like any other blog, sports cards related or not. This might be right but … not so much. Let me sum this up for the you.

Why this blog ?

Over the years, I have busted my fair share of boxes and packs of sports cards. After many frustrations and misleads, I took a long time off from the hobby.

I’ve done this once in the early 2000’s , and then once more in 2009. That’s right, I took a distant look at the hobby two times now and I believe that I am more educated than ever in terms of what to do and especially what not to do in this deep pool of cards that we are all collecting with a great deal of joy.

So why the blog? Simply put, I want to share my knowledge with the world. The shapes and forms will come as the blog goes but for the most part, everything here will be written with a sharing purpose.

Since I collect all sports and love bustin’ boxes, I will mostly focus on that aspect of the hobby. That being said, I will cover a lot of other subjects along the way. The act of bustin leads to collecting and, in the end, everything will mesh together as a whole. A great collectible whole.

Who is The Wax Buster ?

I am, first and foremost, a sports card collector since my childhood.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I do not have a strong focus in my collection but I do enjoy Basketball and Football a tiny bit more than Hockey and Baseball. I collect everything but I do have some favorites as well.

Such as:
– On-Card Autos
– Vintage rookies
– Low-numbered inserts
– Complete base sets

I despise most Jersey, Patch, Gear, Game-Used, Piece of turf, jock straps cards, etc. If  a card is thicker than my wallet, I promise you I don’t want it near my collection. Buying several sizes of toploaders is a pain in my neck and I wish this would all go away. Seriously!

What to expect here ?

Reviews, rants and tips on buying will be my main focus here. Because this is what I do and I believe I can do it as well as the next guy.

On occasion, I will probably link to my cards for sale. Why? Because one of the fun part of the hobby, for me, is flipping the extra cards to generate extra money for new cards. I like to use my hobby as some investors use the stock market and move assets to generate fluctuations and, who knows, maybe more assets. It makes the hobby time consuming, of course, but also more enjoyable that way.

Also, I can assure you that I am not affiliated with any companies or manufacturers. If I do like a product, it will be solely based on appreciation and quality of said product. If you want to buy my vote, it’s simple, produce a great products.

Same goes for online retailers and other websites. If you want me to fancy you, bring along the good deals. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. As simple as that.

Anything else ?

Please, feel free to comment if you have something to say. Anything really. English is my second language so some sentences might sound a little off. If so, correct me and I will try to improve as time goes by.

Hope you like what you read.

The Wax Buster

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