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July 9, 2011 / care4cards

Rookie & Prospects lot for sale (400+ cards)

The lot is made of Prospects and Rookies from Bowman 2010, Bowman Chrome 2010, Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects 2010 & Bowman 2011.

The full list is below the scans and photos. There is 466 cards total in the lot. Make an offer, I’m putting it on Ebay as we speak.


Added Cards (Mixed sets)
BC1 – Bryce Harper / 2011 Bowman Chrome x2
BP1 – Bryce Harper / 2011 Bowman x2
TP1 – Bryce Harper / 2011 Bowman ‘Topps 100 Insert’
BBR1 – Bryce Harper / 2011 Bowman ‘Bowman’s Brightest Insert’

BDP40 – Jason Heyward RC / 2010 Bowman Draft Chrome x3
190 – Jason Heyward RC / 2010 Bowman Chrome x2
174 – Jason Heyward RC / 2010 Topps Chrome x6
BDP40 – Jason Heyward RC / 2010 Bowman Draft x5
BDPP79 – Jameson Taillon / 2010 Bowman Draft
BDPP80 – Manny Machado / 2010 Bowman Draft
BCP100 – Starlin Castro / 2010 Bowman
661 – Stephen Strasburg / 2010 Topps (Winding back)
661 – Stephen Strasburg / 2010 Topps (Winding side)

Bowman Chrome 2010

USA Chrome Prospects
9 Cards Total

USA2 – Daniel Camarena
USA4 – John Hochstatter
USA7 – Christian Lopes
USA9 – Dillon Maples
USA12 – Henry Owens
USA13 – Phillip Pfeifer III
USA16 – Elvin Soto
USA18 – Blake Swihart
USA19 – A.J. Vanegas

Prospects Refractors /500
6 Cards Total

BCP115 – James Darnell 231 / 500
BCP122 – Darin Ruf 405 / 500
BCP139 – Yohan Flande 055 / 500
BCP218 – Daniel Fields 280 / 500
BCP158 – Taylor Green 176 / 500
BCP193 – Dan Tuttle 210 / 500

Prospects Green X-Fractors
14 Cards Total

BCP118 – Bryan Mitchell x1
BCP111 – Craig Clakr x1
BCP136 – Mike Zuanich x1
BCP153 – Josh Stinson x1
BCP181 – T.J. McFarland x2
BCP193 – Dan Tuttle x4
BCP215 – Simon Castro x2
BCP188 – Tyler Chatwood x1
BCP192 – Wilin Rosario x1

Base Chrome Prospects
390 Cards Total

BCP111 – Craig Clark x4
BCP112 – Jefry Marte x3
BCP113 – Josh Donaldson x3
BCP114 – Steven Hensley x5
BCP115 – James Darnell x4
BCP116 – Kirk Nieuwenhuis x5
BCP117 – Wil Myers x6
BCP118 – Bryan Mitchell x1
BCP119 – Martin Perez x5
BCP120 – Taylor Sinclair x3
BCP121 – Max Walla x5
BCP122 – Darin Ruf x3
BCP123 – Nicholas Hernandez x4
BCP124 – Salvados Perez x5
BCP125 – Yan Gomes x2
BCP126 – Riaan Spanjer-Furstenburg x6
BCP127 – Andrei Lobanov x1
BCP128 – Eliezer Mesa x6
BCP129 – Scott Barnes x4
BCP130 – Jerry Sands x3
BCP131 – Chris Masters x6
BCP132 – Brandon Short x5
BCP133 – Rafael Dolis x3
BCP134 – Kevin Coddington x1
BCP135 – Jordan Pacheco x4
BCP136 – Mike Zuanich x2
BCP137 – Jose Altuve x6
BCP138 – Jimmy Paredes x5
BCP139 – Yohan Flande x3
BCP140 – Drew Cumberland x4
BCP141 – Jose Yepez x4
BCP142 – Joe Gardner x6
BCP143 – Michael Kirkman x5
BCP144 – Thomas Di Benedetto x4
BCP145 – Blake Lalli x4
BCP146 – Avery Barnes x4
BCP147 – Brayan Villarreal x4
BCP148 – Zoilo Almonte x1
BCP149 – Tommy Pham x1
BCP150 – Vince Belnome x2
BCP151 – Carlos Pimentel x6
BCP152 – Jeremy Barnes x3
BCP153 – Josh Stinson x3
BCP154 – Brady Shoemaker x5
BCP155 – Rudy Owens x5
BCP157 – Luke Putkonen x4
BCP158 – Taylor Green x3
BCP160 – Jonathan Villar x4
BCP161 – Justin Bour x5
BCP162 – Evan Bronson x1
BCP163 – Rossmel Perez x3
BCP165 – J.D. Martinez x5
BCP166 – Chris Schwinder x4
BCP167 – Rawley Bishop x3
BCP168 – Tim Pahuta x1
BCP169 – Buck Afenir x1
BCP170 – Eduardo Nunez x1
BCP171 – Ethan Hollingsworth x3
BCP172 – Brad Cornell x3
BCP173 – Armando Rodriguez x5
BCP174 – Ryan Wiegand x4
BCP175 – Terry Doyle x3
BCP176 – Grant Hogue x3
BCP177 – Stephen Parker x5
BCP178 – Nathan Adcock x4
BCP179 – Will Middlebrooks x4
BCP180 – Chris Archer x4
BCP181 – T.J. McFarland x3
BCP182 – Alex Liddi x6
BCP183 – Liam Hendricks x1
BCP184 – Ozzie Martinez x7
BCP185 – Eury Perez x2
BCP186 – Jhan Marfinez x4
BCP187 – Carlos Peguero x5
BCP188 – Tyler Chatwood x3
BCP189 – Francisco Peguero x5
BCP190 – Pedro Baez x3
BCP191 – Wilkin Ramirez x6
BCP192 – Wilin Rosario x4
BCP193 – Dan Tuttle x2
BCP194 – Trevor Reckling x4
BCP195 – Kyle Seager x6
BCP196 – Jason Kipnis x4
BCP197 – Jeury Familia x5
BCP198 – Adeinis Hechavarria x3
BCP200 – Everett Williams x6
BCP201 – Ehire Adrianza x5
BCP203 – Max Kepler x1
BCP204 – Shelby Miller x2
BCP205 – Miguel Sano x1
BCP206 – Scooter Gennett x4
BCP207 – Gary Sanchez x1
BCP208 – Graham Stoneburner x2
BCP209 – Josh Satin x4
BCP210 – Matt Davidson x3
BCP211 – Arodys Vizcaino x7
BCP212 – Anthony Bass x4
BCP213 – Robinson Chirinos x2
BCP214 – Trayce Thompson x4
BCP215 – Simon Castro x3
BCP216 – Corban Joseph x2
BCP217 – Noel Arguelles x5
BCP218 – Daniel Fields x6
BCP219 – Robbie Erlin x3
BCP220 – Juan Urbina x5

Bowman 2010

Chrome Prospects Refractors /777
4 Cards Total

BCP29 – Tommy Mendonca 311 / 777
BCP62 – Zach Gentile 221 / 777
BCP15 – Joseph Cruz 619 / 777
BCP107 – David Lough 385 / 777

Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors /999
3 Cards Total

BCP54 – Charlie Leesman 639 / 999
BCP32 – Eric Niesen 675 / 999

Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects2010

Chrome Prospects
6 Cards Total

BDPP77 – Josh Sale
BDPP63 – Bryce Brentz
BDPP3 – Henry Ramos
BDPP73 – Cito Culver
BDPP106 – Felipe Perez
BDPP96 – Ryan Burr

Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors
7 Cards Total

BDPP73 – Cito Culver
BDPP1 – Sam Tuivailala
BDPP65 – Mike Olt
BDPP61 – Michael Choice
BDPP40 – Hayden Simpson
BDPP34 – Bobby Doran
BDPP3 – Henry Ramos

July 9, 2011 / care4cards

Mailday – Bowman 2011

After several weeks of receiving no cards at all, my mailman is bringing me back some goodies, little by little, so I can finally have some more maildays.

Today, quiet one with only 3 prospects card but they are good looking 🙂

Also, quick update on the Group Break for 2010 Bowman Draft, all the remaining teams are now on ebay.


July 4, 2011 / care4cards

New Group Break | 2010 Bowman BDPP

Alright, my break from hosting GB’s is OVER and it’s time to test my hot hand (who pulled a Bryce Harper Red Auto Refractor in his last group break)

This one will be a joined venture between here and Ebay and goes like this.

3x Hobby Box of 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
Assigned Team Break | You are buying in for 1 team, NO RANDOM

You are getting ALL THE CARDS (base included) from your team that I will pull from the 3 boxes.

I will stream it live on uStream and I will post the date at least 1 week prior to the actual break so that everybody can clear their schedule.

Even if some teams are left unsold I will do the break and keep the remaining cards for me.

Only the 30 MLB teams are available since the USA and AFLAC spot don’t guarantee a card per box I don’t want to deal with the hassle of having Ebay buyers retracts their purchase through the protection program (been there, done that, it’s a pain in the neck).

I’m giving DIBS to my readers here so if you want it, post a reply with an email address where I can reach you and what team you want, first come first serve.

After some maths, it’s 18$ per team SHIPPING INCLUDED (Remember, I live in Canada so that is a headache for me but it shouldn’t be for you, so price includes all and I’ll deal with the postage). 18$ is a sure way for me to stay afloat even if 4-5 teams are left unsold (which is likely with this product)

Some of the HOT PROSPECTS included in the checklist…

  • Michael Choice – Oakland (10th Overall)
  • Zack Cox – St. Louis (25th Overall
  • Bryce Brentz – Boston
  • Chance Ruffin – Detroit
  • Mike Olt – Texas
  • Kellin Deglan – Texas
  • Yasmani Grandal – Cincinnati (12th Overall)
  • Kolbrin Vitek – Boston (20th Overall)
  • Justin O’Conner – Tampa Bay (31st Overall)
  • Gary Brown – San Francisco (24th Overall)
  • Mike Foltynewicz – Houston (19th Overall)
  • Chevez Clarke – Angels (30th Overall)
  • Cito Culver – Yankees (32nd Overall)
  • Aaron Sanchez – Toronto
  • Noah Syndergaard – Toronto
  • Taylor Lindsey – Angels
  • Josh Sale – Tampa Bay (17th Overall)
  • Christian Yelich – Florida (23rd Overall)
  • Jameson Taillon – Pittsburgh (2nd overall)
  • Manny Machado – Baltimore (3rd Overall)
  • Christian Colon – Kansas City (4th Overall)
  • Drew Pomeranz – Cleveland (5th Overall)
  • Delino DeShields – Houston (8th Overall)
  • Matt Harvey – Mets (7th Overall)
  • Ryan Bolden – Angels
  • Deck McGuire – Toronto (11th Overall)
  • Zach Lee – Dodgers (28th Overall)
  • Alex Wimmers – Minnesota (21st Overall)
  • Kaleb Cowart – Angels (18th Overall)
  • Mike Kvasnicka – Houston
  • Jake Skole – Texas (15th Overall)
  • Chris Sale – White Sox (13th Overall)

Plus the usual suspects like Heyward, Posey, Strasburg, etc.

Spread the word, If I can sell it all here it’s way better for me and I could lower the price a bit since I won’t have to deal with fees.

I’m posting everything left on Ebay tomorow night around 8-9h est, so pull the trigger quick if you want in and grab your PC team ASAP.

Questions? Drop me a line at care4cards

If you doubt me, you can check my credentials on the Blowout Forums and the Sports Card Forum (user Care4card on both sites) or my Ebay (click the link right)

So voilà, hope you will like this and maybe we could pull a nice 1 / 1 to get my hot hand back in business.



The following teams are reserved / waiting for payment

1) Yankees
2) Orioles
3) Nationals
4) Braves

Everything else is still up for grab and going on Ebay tonight.

July 2, 2011 / care4cards

New cards up on Ebay

Patriots fans, these are for you.

I pimped my way of listing cards, now with Free Shipping, and these two are the first. Grab them while you can !

Gronk Jumbo Auto

Brady Game-Used

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