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July 4, 2011 / care4cards

New Group Break | 2010 Bowman BDPP

Alright, my break from hosting GB’s is OVER and it’s time to test my hot hand (who pulled a Bryce Harper Red Auto Refractor in his last group break)

This one will be a joined venture between here and Ebay and goes like this.

3x Hobby Box of 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
Assigned Team Break | You are buying in for 1 team, NO RANDOM

You are getting ALL THE CARDS (base included) from your team that I will pull from the 3 boxes.

I will stream it live on uStream and I will post the date at least 1 week prior to the actual break so that everybody can clear their schedule.

Even if some teams are left unsold I will do the break and keep the remaining cards for me.

Only the 30 MLB teams are available since the USA and AFLAC spot don’t guarantee a card per box I don’t want to deal with the hassle of having Ebay buyers retracts their purchase through the protection program (been there, done that, it’s a pain in the neck).

I’m giving DIBS to my readers here so if you want it, post a reply with an email address where I can reach you and what team you want, first come first serve.

After some maths, it’s 18$ per team SHIPPING INCLUDED (Remember, I live in Canada so that is a headache for me but it shouldn’t be for you, so price includes all and I’ll deal with the postage). 18$ is a sure way for me to stay afloat even if 4-5 teams are left unsold (which is likely with this product)

Some of the HOT PROSPECTS included in the checklist…

  • Michael Choice – Oakland (10th Overall)
  • Zack Cox – St. Louis (25th Overall
  • Bryce Brentz – Boston
  • Chance Ruffin – Detroit
  • Mike Olt – Texas
  • Kellin Deglan – Texas
  • Yasmani Grandal – Cincinnati (12th Overall)
  • Kolbrin Vitek – Boston (20th Overall)
  • Justin O’Conner – Tampa Bay (31st Overall)
  • Gary Brown – San Francisco (24th Overall)
  • Mike Foltynewicz – Houston (19th Overall)
  • Chevez Clarke – Angels (30th Overall)
  • Cito Culver – Yankees (32nd Overall)
  • Aaron Sanchez – Toronto
  • Noah Syndergaard – Toronto
  • Taylor Lindsey – Angels
  • Josh Sale – Tampa Bay (17th Overall)
  • Christian Yelich – Florida (23rd Overall)
  • Jameson Taillon – Pittsburgh (2nd overall)
  • Manny Machado – Baltimore (3rd Overall)
  • Christian Colon – Kansas City (4th Overall)
  • Drew Pomeranz – Cleveland (5th Overall)
  • Delino DeShields – Houston (8th Overall)
  • Matt Harvey – Mets (7th Overall)
  • Ryan Bolden – Angels
  • Deck McGuire – Toronto (11th Overall)
  • Zach Lee – Dodgers (28th Overall)
  • Alex Wimmers – Minnesota (21st Overall)
  • Kaleb Cowart – Angels (18th Overall)
  • Mike Kvasnicka – Houston
  • Jake Skole – Texas (15th Overall)
  • Chris Sale – White Sox (13th Overall)

Plus the usual suspects like Heyward, Posey, Strasburg, etc.

Spread the word, If I can sell it all here it’s way better for me and I could lower the price a bit since I won’t have to deal with fees.

I’m posting everything left on Ebay tomorow night around 8-9h est, so pull the trigger quick if you want in and grab your PC team ASAP.

Questions? Drop me a line at care4cards

If you doubt me, you can check my credentials on the Blowout Forums and the Sports Card Forum (user Care4card on both sites) or my Ebay (click the link right)

So voilà, hope you will like this and maybe we could pull a nice 1 / 1 to get my hot hand back in business.



The following teams are reserved / waiting for payment

1) Yankees
2) Orioles
3) Nationals
4) Braves

Everything else is still up for grab and going on Ebay tonight.


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  1. Ben / Jul 5 2011 20:31

    Interested – please e-mail me at (Baltimore is choice #1)

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